From Australia with Love

Hi Andrew,

We made it back to Australia and have been here a little over two weeks ago and Ive been bragging to my friends about my wonderful stay in New York city.
During one of my stories, I learned you and I have a common link. My dear friend Melissa Bergland was a customer of yours three years ago when she moved to NYC to attend acting school. After a grueling 22 hour flight she developed an eye infection from her contacts, which it why she visited you. You told her that the frames you sold her would get her acting work and they did! After wearing her distinctive specs to an audition she was cast in a new television series called Winners and Lossers (I’ve attached a image of her with her co stars).
Isn’t that funny that I should wonder into your store, I had no idea she bought her glasses from you. Show’s how small the world can be.
Would you be able to give me an indication of when I will be receiving my new glasses? I’m tired of wearing my current frames. I keep thinking how you told me the story of
the man that got a job after years of unemployment and my friend Mel and I’m beginning to think your dissing out magic with your spectacles, and of course I’d like a bit of that too. lol

I do hope this email find you well.

Kind Regards,

Angela M// Graphic Designer