NBA AT ROYAL Opticians

The honorable Adam S. Graced us with his presence today. The spectacles we chose were subtle but spectacular I am sure they will be a hit in the NBA .
What a great guy humble and exceedingly smart and he runs Marathons too!

Mr Z picking up Transport to pick up spectacles

We are blessed with wonderful customers check out MR Z’s transport in Manhattan to pick up or adjust his spectacles.


Mr Z came by one day for readers as he is a financial expert ! We introduced him to progressive lenses with no more taking the glasses on and off. He now owns several pairs different looks and styles. Some fit in the helmet others are strictly fashion.

The important thing is his vision is now a pleasurable part of his day!

More Than Opticians

Our longtime customer reached out for some travel advise.
Below was the response from the advice she received.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Subject: You are brilliant!

Minors can enter the bahamas with only a birth certificate.
Thank you!


Spectacular Glasses

Mrs F purchased 3 pairs of spectacles today and said the following “. GLASSES SHOULD BE LIKE JEWELS”. We couldn’t agree more her red reading spectacles were fabulous when paired with her tortoise frames with pearls.


A Buffallo Horn Morning

Mr John Picked up his New Buffallo Horn spectacles and sent this wonderful message.
” I didn’t recognize the handsome young man looking back at me from the mirror this morning! Thank you both.
This is why we are in the spectales Business to bring such Joy.

Nancys Progressive lenses

Nancy is a University professor with a penchant for accuracy.   Nancy’s world revolves around precision wording.  She is a twenty year customer who came in for single vision lenses once again we persuaded her to try the newest progressive lenses which she promptly returned after two weeks for bifocals and that should have been that. 
Instead we kept the excellent lenses as we had a hunch this time the need for intermediate vision computers, flowers etc would make her come back disatisfied.  After a month she was back and loves her lenses and send us pictures of her garden below which she can now tend to and see the wonderful detail through her high definition lenses.




My grandson who is 6 has a problem with the muscles behind his eyes.  It was therefore, necessary to have his glasses made with prisms in each of the lenses.  His Mother took him to an optical store on the Upper West Side (UWS) of Manhattan who took her insurance.   My grandson took his new glasses with him to the eye doctor who does his visual training.  He said the prisms weren’t  in the right place.  I took him back to the optical store and was told that the eye doctor was incorrect, but that they would do them over anyway.  When the glasses came back he was still complaining, so I took him to Royal Opticians on the UWS, where I’ve gotten my glasses for the past 30 years.They discovered that each lens was a slightly different distance from his eyes.  If you know anything about prisms, this slight variation could not only impair his vision but, undo a years worth of muscle eye training.  We are now so pleased with his new glasses and would like everyone to know that Royal Opticians is a first-rate optical store where each customer is treated with care and precision.  Thanks to their expertise my grandson has a new pair of perfect glasses that he loves.  My daughter now realizes that Royal Opticians is the only place to go for real professional and honest service.  By the way, the glasses cost around the same price as those he got from the store that took her insurance.