Mrs J the Queen of Palm Beach in her new Spectacles

When spectacular dressing Meets spectacular spectacles the Nirvana of Optics results😀


The Gem of Juliard our 30 Year Patron passes

Mr Daniel Ferro a New York Master of Voice. Travelled the world teaching voice to the most prominent Opera Singers and used Royal Opticians spectacles exclusively for the last 30 years. Making progressive lenses  , Music spectacles for piano and progressive Sunglasses. His wife Joy Ferro also a client of ours travelled the world with him and always explained how she was  complimented on her custom made spectackes which ever country they were in. But  despite the numerous places he visited Mr Ferro would insist on returning to us for his spectacles. A loyalty born of the excellent vision and services they both received at Royal Opticians. We will miss attending to this Wonderfull kind gentlman who’s legacy shall live on. 



John M of Mercedes Benz 

John has been struggling with his vision for years! Finally convinced him to get the Rolls Royce of lenses . The high definition Zeiss progressives in the thinnest material available. He see’s wonderfully and the light weight frames make his day so much easier.  He also looks very Handsome😀

Mary Clare Fabulous Custom Sunglasses

Mary Clare on her way to Sunny Ireland with a tremendous  looking pair of puple two tone Spectacles  exclusively handmade for Royal Opticians! She will be the talk of the town along with her new purple custom rimless Spectacles. A glamourous professor if ever there was one. Her graduate students are very lucky to have a real lady as their professor.  

Royal Spectacles in Miami Beach

Spectacular Crystal color Sun Spectacles with Polarized lens for Mrs T. 

We are just back from Miami and had a great time. As you can imagine “the glasses”  

made all the difference. They really were fun to wear. You both do a “spec”tacular job!

We thank Mrs T for sharing 😀

Gaberstein looking  great

Childrens Books writer Mr G looking great in his new polarized Spectacles customized grey color of lens he requested. Mr G needed to have his prescription changed but the prescription he was given was wrong. Royal Opticians  suggested an Opthalmologist to get a second opinion and presto now he sees very well and the lenses were replaced at No Charge!  Royal service that we provide to all our customers. Nothing is more important than one’s vision👀