Mrs M on her way to St Johns

The black cateye  spectacles Look Spectaclar. Mrs M could Model anything Thanks for modeling your Spectacles. Mrs M and Dr M have been our Customers for 25 years now we are very grateful for their loyalty and patronage 



Mary Clare Fabulous Custom Sunglasses

Mary Clare on her way to Sunny Ireland with a tremendous  looking pair of puple two tone Spectacles  exclusively handmade for Royal Opticians! She will be the talk of the town along with her new purple custom rimless Spectacles. A glamourous professor if ever there was one. Her graduate students are very lucky to have a real lady as their professor.  

Royal Spectacles in Miami Beach

Spectacular Crystal color Sun Spectacles with Polarized lens for Mrs T. 

We are just back from Miami and had a great time. As you can imagine “the glasses”  

made all the difference. They really were fun to wear. You both do a “spec”tacular job!

We thank Mrs T for sharing 😀