Mimi Mcshane Dallas symphony

Another day in the life at Royal opticians. Today we had a visit from our longtime customers son Neal and grand children who also buy spectacles from Royal opticians. Mimi Mcshane is from Dallas Texas and has been buying spectacles from us for over 25 years and was the lead cellist player for the Dallas symphony orchestra for many years. She would often reward us with tickets to Lincoln center with Box seats to watch her perform. She has since retired and taken to teaching young students as a new passion. Mimi came to us initially because she had difficulty with progressive lenses and we fitted her with ZEISS lenses in a rimless lightweight frame which made it much easier for her to see when she was playing.
Alas we were told Mimi is no more and we shall always be gratefully for the light she brought into the store whenever she purchased spectacles.
Kindly make a donation to her cause as we will.

“I find that my true love in music now is not performing but teaching,” McShane ways. “I have always believed that there should be more minorities in orchestras in the United States. Through the Young Strings program I have had so many wonderful students


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