Royal Opticians Masters Story

On the eve of the Masters golf tournament.  We remember this same  time in 2010  we made 5 pairs of spectacles for Michael D  a lawyer customer from Washington DC.   He needed to have special lenses that would allow him to see the teleprompter at his feet at meetings and when he looked up to see the audience he was speaking to.  He purchased 2 horn frames and beautiful hand made frames from England.    We also introduced him to a trusted Opthalmologist to get him the right prescription.   He was so pleased with the spectacles that on the Saturday of the Masters  he came into the store and said guess what” I have tickets to the Masters on Sunday for all of you and a place to stay as we have rented a house all you have to do is get yourselves down there.”  Alas the rest is history and a Masters moment at Royal Opticians was created.