The gift of great Vision and Bess Friedheim

Bess Freidheim the founder of Bess Freidheim Jewelry in Chicago came to New York in 2000 and came into Royal Opticians to purchase spectacles while visiting the Jewelry convention. She had great difficulty in walking with her bifocals and had been seeing various specialist because of this! We immediately noticed the problem was with the spectacles she had been using and made her new spectacles which were specifically designed to solve the problems he had. That problem being her left and right pupils were not on the same level but instead she had one higher than the other. We went on to make several great spectacles for her and her daughter for several years.
The real story is what Ms Freidheim who was in her seventies at the time did with her new found great vision. She immediately put it to good use and after 65 years she went to college to get the degree that had eluded her. She graduated from St. Xavier University in 2006.She graduated summa cum laude with a 3.94 cumulative grade-point average, 65 years after earning her high school diploma. The oldest graduate of that institution. How many of us take our good vision for granted this is a story of great triumph.

Alas we just found out she is no more and in her honor we will give REFLECTION FREE at no charge to anyone in their 70’s purchasing spectacles for the month of April 2013.